How To Say What You Want: The Clemency for Your Soul Method

The Clemency for Your Soul Method is something that I created and would like to share with you because it helped me extremely in the past years, months, and even weeks. You can use it anytime, depending on your emotional needs.

Why the name ‘Clemency for Your Soul,’ and what does it mean? Since I have a legal background, I saw the analogy between a trapped soul and an imprisoned, unfairly sentenced person. Both the person and the soul deserve clemency. Hence, the Clemency for Your Soul Method’s objective is to set your soul free, which would finally let you enjoy every second of your precious time on Earth. Our primary duty as human beings is to be happy first and then make others happy, not the opposite.

One of the elements of the Clemency for Your Soul Method is these five steps guide on how to say what you want. Getting to know yourself and knowing what you want can take time. Each person has an individual path; each person’s life has its unique circumstances, problems, or traumas. However, if you work on yourself and try to be the best version of yourself, you will overcome the wounds, the difficulties, and everything in between. You will start to feel pure happiness, motivation, and love. As Gabrielle Bernstein points out, when we are choosing the attitude of love instead of the mentality of fear, miracles start entering our world.

Nevertheless, the absolute must towards a fulfilled life is doing what you want. Without it, you lack something that the law of attraction describes as a crucial element needed in manifesting your dreams – joy. Thus, to be more precise: the absolute must towards a fulfilled life is doing what your soul wants.

The most wonderful but also, in this case, scary characteristic of human beings is that they are very flexible and get used to everything over time. Hence, your mind can be influenced by the opinions and expectations of others that became deeply entrenched in your being to the point where you no longer know what is that you want. Because your true self was suppressed, you did all the things you thought were the right things to do. Eventually, you started thinking that this is actually what you also want for yourself.

Life is too short to be unhappy. This truth is simple yet complex and profound. Since you decided to read this article, you are undoubtedly able to notice various dimensions to this statement. If you feel unhappy because deep down, you can sense that your soul is trapped in doing things you do not fully enjoy, implement The Clemency for Your Soul Method that will help you know what you want, express it, and later, as a result, manifest it.

1.     Focus and realize what you really want. Be honest with yourself because no one else will hear you.

The first step to express and manifest what you want is to realize what you actually want. Think about it now and be really honest with yourself – and seriously, no one hears your thoughts so be truly transparent with yourself. Imagine you are alone, somewhere far away from everything and everyone, where you can start over your new life. As to your professional life, answer these questions: Are you doing things that you are doing because you are passionate about them? Or you are doing that because you need approval from others? Are you doing what you do now because you deeply feel this is your destiny and you can’t imagine doing anything else? Or you are doing it only to impress others? As to your personal life, ask yourself: Are you spending your valuable time with a person that makes you feel good? Do you feel you can be fully yourself with that person and he or she will appreciate your true self? Or you hide your true self because you are afraid of rejection or being ridiculed? 

2.     Admit, accept, and own what you want. Write it down.

The next step is to admit what you want to yourself and accept that. Write it down and own it. Yes, this is what you want. The things that you really want must be wanted by your soul, not by other people. Doing things because you are being pressured by others, or you want to make others proud, is not what your soul wants to do. Your soul wants you to be fulfilled. Bear in mind that what you have always wanted, even if you ignored it for years, is still in you. Even when you did not believe that your dreams are not relevant or realistic. The only person you need to impress, is you. 

3.     Say what you want out loud to yourself. Remember the feeling you had after hearing yourself saying it.

After thinking, accepting, and writing down the thing you want, the third step is to say what you want out loud to yourself and think how you feel with this. If this feels good, this is the only validation you need to pursue it. Try to imagine how you would feel if you would really get it. Keep that feeling because you will need it for the next step.

4.     Say what you want to others. No one else will express what you want for you.

This is the most challenging step, finally saying to others what you want. But here is the harsh truth: no one else will speak up for you. No one else but you know what you want. However, since you remember how good it feels to know what you really want, you are ready for the confrontation. Whether that is your parent, your partner, your spouse, your boss, your work colleague or your friend. Say it in a calm but confident way and remember how you felt when you said it to yourself for the first time.

5.     Allow people to react however they want. You do you regardless.

Last but not least, accept the other person’s reaction, regardless of how disappointed/angry/frustrated or sad he or she may be. It is not your role to make other people happy while paying the highest price – your own happiness. Can you imagine just randomly calling your friend saying: “hey, about out last lunch, fyi: you shouldn’t eat broccoli. You should eat carrots instead because I know much better what you want’ or ‘hey, you shouldn’t buy sandals for your holiday. Instead, you should buy sneakers and I am sure I know better than you what shoes you need in your closet’.  I think you wouldn’t allow your friend to decide what to do with your food or wardrobe (unless you asked your friend for help who is either a chef or a stylist). Why then you would allow other people to decide what to do with your entire life? Hence, accept people’s reaction, they can think whatever they want. Say ‘I acknowledge your opinion’ and do your thing regardless.

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