How to Pack for Summer? Five Steps Guide to Smart Packing For a Post-COVID Holiday

Regardless of how confused you are by the fact that we went from January to August so suddenly, summer is here! According to the hit song from the 90s, summer is magic. And how can you not agree with the voice of this iconic decade? Therefore, we should embrace this season and everything it has to offer, even the crazy heatwaves that are now affecting some of the European countries that are not adapted at all to this level of heat.

Somewhere in between melting from the heat and overeating ice creams to cope with the reality, you probably have some holiday plans. Whether your destination is your family’s garden, your friend’s balcony, or whether you live in a country where it is safe to go abroad, these five easy steps will help you to pack quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. Life is too short to be stressing over something you forgot to take with you! Life is also too expensive for you to buy the things you forgot and then have them doubled at home. Thus, let’s take a look at how this easy packing strategy can save your time and money.

1.     Make a detailed (very detailed!) list of things you need to buy and take.

Think about what you need to take with you. Then write down everything, and I mean, really everything. Instead of writing down ‘some cosmetics’ or ‘shorts,’ be specific as to what exact shorts or cosmetics you are taking.  This way, you are evaluating what you need for your upcoming trip. Being precise helps in making your luggage smaller and easier to use since you know what you have with you and why you took it.

Another critical aspect of creating a specific (as the lawyers would say, exhaustive) list is that you see what things you need to buy before going somewhere. Let’s imagine you need your favorite body oil that you usually buy at a drugstore when it is on sale. You realize that you need it while already being on holiday. As a result, you end up spending much more on it because in touristic places everything is expensive. Moreover, if you are going to the countryside, you may not be able to find it at all. Concluding, spending a little bit more time to create a detailed list of things you take on holiday turns out to be time-efficient and budget-friendly. Don’t waste your precious vacation time to look for the stuff you forgot to buy or take.

2. Don’t pack the same day as you leave. Packing shouldn’t be stressful, enjoy it!

You know this feeling when you are sitting at work, have the flight the next (or even the same) day, and you know that you will have to run home, pack, and rush to the airport. Or, if you work from home: you are finalizing a project and know that you will be packing until late hours at night or super early in the morning, because you haven’t done anything yet. Yes, time is just an illusion, but unfortunately, it usually does not apply to flights/trains schedules. You will probably be running out of breath, stressing out while missing one part of travel that can be very enjoyable: preparation. So, why do it to yourself?

Therefore, it is better to do what I like to call mindful packing. Start one week before you leave. Start with doing laundry. Then, start packing things from your list, step by step. For instance, on Monday you will pack all the accessories, on Tuesday you will pack the outfits, etc. This approach will help you enjoy the process of getting ready for your trip instead of being annoyed and overwhelmed. There is no better feeling than going to work, knowing that you are all prepared for the flight the next day. You also never know what can happen at work during the day. Maybe you will need extra time the day before your holiday because it will be an impromptu office party or an urgent assignment? To avoid unnecessary stress that should not be associated with such a fantastic thing as the summer holiday, it is better to plan and pack in advance.

3.    Plan your outfits and have fun with it. Imagine the vibe of the place you are going and think about how you would like to feel in your outfits there.

Think about the vibe of the place you are going to. You will need a white English embroidery dress for Mykonos, washed jeans shorts, and comfy cotton top for every countryside in the world and maybe a cute lilac linen skirt and matching top for an urban staycation on your friend’s terrace. You can take pictures of your preferred outfits and think about the various combination of them while packing. You can always add or change something, but what is vital for your peace of mind is that you already have the essentials covered.

What is universal and will always look good in summer? Well-tailored, high waist, good quality denim shorts. One oversize white t-shirt, one fitted white t-shirt. A lovely flowy skirt that would be comfortable but also cute because of the pattern and the color. One statement dress that you love, and that would be a little bit extra. I will be posting soon on Instagram some holiday outfit inspirations, so stay tuned if you are interested! (you can find me at @millennial.manifesto)

Please bear in mind that there is only one rule when it comes to planning the outfits for a holiday (or for anything): you have to feel great while wearing them. Pick the pieces that you genuinely like wearing, that make you feel special. Life is too short no to dress up, even without a special occasion. As the famous scholar and practitioner of sliving (which is a combination of slaying and living), Paris Hilton said: ‘The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in’. The great Coco Chanel stated: ‘Fashion changes, style endures.’ Celebrate yourself, your outfit choices, your body regardless of the size or shape, and, most importantly, celebrate the summer!

4.     Take a mask and hand sanitizer to enjoy a safe vacation.

Bear in mind that health and safety go first. Take a mask and hand sanitizer whenever you go and be respectful of your country or another country’s safety rules. Even though almost everyone seems to think that viruses and summer do not go well together, just wear a mask where required and use hand sanitizer frequently.

5.     Invest in skincare products with hyaluronic acid to protect your face from the sun.

The sun gives us good vibes and vital energy but also unwanted skin damages. Hence, don’t forget to invest in some skincare products that would be rich in hyaluronic acid and would nourish and moisture your face. It can be something cheap such as The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum or something more expensive, such as Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Gel. Before going to the sun, prepare your skin by applying a layer of a serum, then a cream, and the absolute must – the SPF. Remember about reapplying the SPF every two hours! After the sun exposure, treat your skin with some kind of relief, whether that is a moisturizing sheet mask or a big portion of argan oil.

Have a great summer!

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