Millennials of the World, unite!

This blog gives you a unique combination of humor and entertainment with a big dose of mental support and self-development tools.

What does it mean to be a millennial? How the life of a millennial looks? Why millennials prefer dogs over children, and is it even true?

Honestly, I have no idea. Every millennial is a different person, and it is certainly not fair to generalize and to label the whole generation.

However, the labelling has already been done. We are all in this. Thus, we should use it in our favour. Us, the millennials, present a powerful force within a society and we are able to revolutionise the World for the better – for us and future generations (yes, some millennials love children too, but of course, dogs are still the best).

Welcome to the Millennial Manifesto! I am Olga and I thrilled that you found a moment in your busy life to read this. I was born and raised in a little town in Poland in Eastern Europe (yes, I am from this weird part of Europe that no one wants to visit). I currently live in the Netherlands, where I had a chance to study and work with people from all over the world. Throughout the last few years, I noticed one fascinating thing: although we, the millennials, are very individual, at the same time, we are very similar, regardless of the way of upbringing, the financial status, or career path.

Hence, I created this blog to provide an escape from a harsh reality, which is the life of a millennial. You will find here all things that we love, such as self-development, dogs, avocados, and all things we don’t like, such as childhood trauma, career struggles, and, let’s be honest – boomers.

My goal is to make you smile, to make you think and to make you uplifted. Be the best version of yourself – a proud millennial who challenges the status quo and have fun while doing it!

So here it is, from one millennial to another, from one computer to another – my blog which, as every millennial, is full of paradoxes. At Millennial Manifesto you will find tips on how to take care of your mental health, how to survive toxic family, how to deal with trauma, how to be more present every day. Nevertheless, you will also find the reasons why you can have two law degrees and love reality shows, read about never-ending dilemmas of millennial women, and familiarise yourself with fun facts about boomers.

If you are already intrigued enough to be reading this almost-last paragraph, please take a look at the Millennial Manifesto. I would be more than happy if you will find it relatable! You can share it on your social, read it out loud at your family gathering, or place it above your desk at work to let the world know that we, the millennials, united and stronger than ever, demand our fundamental human rights to respect and dignity, even though, according to aunt Karen, we are a mess.

To conclude:

Do you feel like your life/love/time/career choices are constantly judged and misunderstood by the society and your family?

Do you like challenging the status quo?

Do you love dogs and/or cats more than you love people?

If you can relate – this is the place that will change your life forever!

Join the Millennial Manifesto and you will never feel lonely again! Let’s start the recovery journey from disfunctional families, bad dates, unpaid internships, toxic relationships, student loans, boring jobs and imperfect avocados…

Millennials of the World, unite!