Ten Differences between Your Twenties vs. Your Thirties

A couple of days ago, I celebrated my 31st birthday. This breakthrough moment inspired me to reflect upon the past decade to identify some differences between being in my twenties and early thirties. As per usual, I also consulted this issue with my friends. Our conclusions were depressing and optimistic at the same time. Why? … Continue reading Ten Differences between Your Twenties vs. Your Thirties

10 Fun Facts About Boomers

Disclaimer: It's all jokes and fun. Please don't feel offended. If you are, by any chance, a boomer, stop reading. Boomers. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Hypocrisy, ignorance, narcissism, judgmental attitudes, and lack of empathy characterize the boomers’ approach to younger generations. However, the rule of boomers is officially coming to an … Continue reading 10 Fun Facts About Boomers